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Personalized Medicine focuses on the European Science Foundation’s ‘Forward Look’ initiative

The peer-reviewed journal Personalized Medicine has published a special issue focusing on the efforts of the European Science Foundation’s (ESF) Forward Look on personalized medicine, further highlighting the journal’s commitment to providing high-quality coverage of recent international efforts to propel personalized medicine into the clinic.

The issue is guest edited by Dr Stephen T Holgate (University of Southampton, UK) and Dr Aarno Palotie (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Helsinki, Finland) and features contributions from leading European researchers in the field.
The issue covers topics presented at the first ESF meeting chosen to initiate the foresight process which took place in London, UK on 19–20 September 2011.

The issue features a range of short commentary articles exploring current issues in implementing personalized medicine, including education, computational and statistical challenges, rare diseases, the use of information and communication technologies, the public health perspective as well as various opinion leaders’ views on the issues personalized medicine faces.

The overall aim of this Forward Look is to analyze, in a systematic way, the complex and constantly moving field of personalized medicine to provide timely policy advice that will help prepare Europe for the likely changes in how society deals with health and disease,” Dr Holgate explained to Future Medicine.

This importance of this special issue is summed up by the guest editors in their ‘Foreword’ article: “The need to plan for this new way of practicing medicine is essential if such a revolution is to move ahead in a productive way. We hope that these commentaries add further light on this rapidly emerging field.

A full listing of articles included in the issue is available at:


Contributing corresponding authors include: Ivano Bertini (University of Florence, Italy), Angela Brand (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), Carsten Carlberg (Department of Biosciences, Kuopio, Finland), Jukka Corander (University of Helsinki, Finland), Alison Harvey (UK), Stuart Hogarth (King's College London, UK), Hans Lehrach (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany), Francesc Palau (Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia, CIBERER, Spain), Domenica Taruscio (National Centre for Rare Diseases, Italy).

The editorial office is now actively soliciting contributions of reviews, perspectives and editorial articles for Personalized Medicine. For a full range of the exciting new article types included in Personalized Medicine please see our Author Guidelines. If you are interested in contributing any of the article types listed then please contact the Senior Journal Development Editor, Tarryn Greenberg, at t.greenberg@futuremedicine.com.
Selected content from this special issue of Personalized Medicine can be viewed at www.futuremedicine.com/loi.pme. If you are interested in receiving a free 30-day online trial to evaluate the journals content please contact info@futuremedicine.com, quoting PME12PR.

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