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Call for papers - Women's Health

WHE cover

Rapid Publication for the women's healthcare community

Invitation to contribute, on behalf of the Editorial Board

Now on Pubmed/Medline, this peer reviewed publication is at the forefront of clinical research - helping the healthcare community to meet the specific healthcare needs of women.

We are now actively soliciting contributions for the coming year in all aspects of therapeutics diagnostics, disease management, procedures and outcomes in women's healthcare today.

Specifically, we would like to encourage:

  • Original Research Articles - new findings from
    studies and trials
  • Reviews on current and emerging topics relating
    to the safe and effective management of
    therapy in women
  • Drug Evaluations - overviews of individual
    therapies, placing the treatment in context with
    respect to issues such as efficacy, safety and
    comparative effectiveness

If you are interested in submitting an article to the
journal, contact me today to recieve one month's
free electronic access to the journal and to find out
more about our procedures and scheduling.

Joanne Walker
Clinical Submissions Manager