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06 November 2019
Meet the winner of the 2019 Future Science Future Star Award

Future Science Group today announced the winner of the Future Science Future Star Award – awarded to outstanding early career researchers who are working towards the advancement of human healthcare.


Dr Marjorie Pizarro-Guajardo was chosen by a combination of our expert judging panel and the public vote.


Marjorie is a postdoctoral fellow at the Universidad Andrés Bello (Santiago, Chile) specializing in microbiology. Her work focuses on the development of a strategy to remove Clostridium difficile spores from the host to make a therapy that can improve the clearance of the infection.


“I am really happy [to have won this award], this gives me the opportunity to show all of my research and my passion about this work to other people, not just fellow scientists but to my family and friends as well. It meant many people were asking me about my work and that is great because it means we are moving the science out of the lab and into society,” commented Marjorie.


Initially called the Early Career Research Award, the award, supported by the journal Future Science OA, aims to recognize outstanding, highly talented and motivated researchers within the first 5 years of their first career position (in academia or industry), who are set to have a big impact in their field. This year’s winner will receive membership of the Future Science OA early career advisory panel, a webinar to present their work, and a monetary prize, among other prizes.


“The caliber of nominees was once again outstanding this year and competition was tough,” commented Francesca Lake, Managing Editor of Future Science OA. “We’re delighted to have Marjorie as our 2019 winner – she is doing excellent work in her field in difficult circumstances and has a bright future ahead. She’s certainly an inspiration.”


More information about Marjorie and the other two finalists is available at https://www.future-science.com/journals/fso/category/earlycareerresearch/award


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