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30 November 2018
3DMedNet partners with Team UnLimbited to raise money for 3D printed prosthetics


3DMedNet announces fundraiser for medical 3D printing charity, Team UnLimbited, in commemoration of 3D Printing Day.

3DMedNet has today announced a fundraising campaign to commemorate Global 3D Printing Day (3 December 2018), in support of a medical 3D printing charity. 

3DMedNet, a free community website that unites the diverse 3D printing in medicine community from Future Science Group (London, UK), has announced it will be marking 3D Printing Day by raising money for a UK-based charity, Team UnLimbited (Swansea, UK).

For every new member that joins between Friday 30 November and Sunday 9 December, 3DMedNet will donate GBP£1 to the charity, which is dedicated to research and development efforts in the development of new assistive medical devices as well as research into materials and functional improvements. They are also committed to sharing all of their work via an open source platform for non-commercial use.

“Combining low-cost FDM 3D printing with our open source arm design has allowed us to help change the lives of limb-different people around the world. Team UnLimbited have directly helped approximately 100 recipients in the UK and open sourcing our work with a creative commons license has extended our reach to help thousands on a global scale,” explained Stephen Davies, Co-Founder of Team UnLimbited. 

“From deepest Africa to high in the Himalayas, from the West Coast of America to the edge of the Far East, we see how our simple, low-cost design is having an impact on the lives of many. Everyone is limited by their own belief in their ability and we hope to inspire and celebrate limb difference and continue to develop the UnLimbited arm open source for the benefit of all,” Davies added.

Georgi Makin, Editor of 3DMedNet, commented: “I am delighted to be working with Team UnLimbited in this fundraising campaign. I have enjoyed following their story, taking great enjoyment in watching videos of Christmas present campaigns from previous years where children have been gifted personalized, 3D printed prosthetic limbs. I implore our existing members to share 3DMedNet, encourage your peers to join our community and help us to contribute to improving lives across the world by 3D printing.”

The week-long campaign will celebrate advances in medical 3D printing from the past year, including research and news stories from 3DMedNet as well as their partner journal, the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, with common themes including the adoption of 3D printing for medical devices, personalized prostheses, medical nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, surgical guides and the bioprinting of various tissues.

“3D Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the value and potential of 3D printing to make the lives of patients around the world easier. We are looking forward to reviewing an exciting year in the industry and supporting our community to make the promise of 3D printing in medicine and health a reality in 2019,” agreed Freya Leask, Publisher of 3DMedNet.

Join 3DMedNet today for free access to a wealth of informative content on medical applications of 3D printing. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2G2dSZ5 


About 3DMedNet

Launched in 2016, 3DMedNet is a community site that unites the diverse 3D printing in medicine community, seeking to educate and inspire to help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate. Each month, thousands of members visit the site to read industry news, peer-reviewed research, exclusive interviews, webinars, and commentaries.

About the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine

The Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine (ISSN: 2059-4755) is a new peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all aspects of 3D bioprinting and printing of relevance to medicine, including diverse areas such as implants and prosthetics; surgical guides; tissue engineering; pharmaceutical research and fabrication; and regulatory and safety issues.