05 September 2019
BioTechniques announces the next BioTechniques Online Event: Advancing Precision Medicine 2019

BioTechniques has announced the launch of Advancing Precision Medicine 2019; a free, 2-day virtual symposium taking place on 13–14 November 2019. 

Over the last decade, precision medicine has taken leaps forward, with projects such as the Precision Medicine Initiative, All of Us and the Human Cancer Models Initiative putting a huge impetus behind the development of new technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. 

This free, 2-day virtual symposium will provide an overview of the latest technical advances in this field and explore how they are being harnessed to translate research from the bench to the bedside. 

John Quackenbush (Harvard; MA, USA) commented on the importance of attending this event: “Historically, we've developed therapies by studying populations. But when we use those therapies, we treat individuals. Precision medicine is an attempt to bridge the gap between populations and individuals by developing methods to deliver the most effective therapy, based on evidence, to each and every patient.” 

Topics of discussion will include: 

  • Hidden in the Genome: the application of techniques such as next-generation sequencing and CRISPR for precision medicine 

  • Cells as Models: cell biology techniques for modeling diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration, and for targeting drug discovery 

  • Host–Pathogen/Environment Interactions: how concepts such as sequencing and bioinformatics can be used to harness lifestyle and the microbiome for diagnostics and prediction 

  • Moving Toward the Clinic: the techniques involved in moving precision therapeutics from the bench to the bedside 

Key leaders already confirmed to be speaking at the event include: 

  • Stephanie Devaney, deputy director of the All of Us Research Program (NIH; MD, USA) 

  • Rob Knight, co-founder of the American Gut Project (University of California San Diego; CA, USA) 

  • Elaine Mardis, co-executive director of the Institute for Genomic Medicine (Ohio State University; OH, USA) 

  • Heidi Rehm, medical director of the Clinical Research Sequencing Platform at the Broad Institute (MIT and Harvard; MA, USA) 

  • David Tuveson, director of the Cancer Center and the Cancer Therapeutics Initiative at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (NY, USA)


“There is significant momentum around using genomics to add evidence to medical diagnosis, resulting in better outcomes for patients and it is exciting for me to convey the current trends and to share real world examples of how genomics in the setting of pediatric cancer is contributing to precision oncology practice, and integrating with other clinical disciplines,” commented keynote speaker for the Hidden in the Genome Session, Elaine Mardis.   

​With all the benefits of a regular conference – without the negatives. Please do join us for our virtual symposium from the comfort of your own home, lab or office. 

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