Repository Archiving Policy

For articles published within the Future Science Group group of companies that have been archived into not-for-profit academic repositories such as institutional repositories, PubMed Central and its mirror sites, where a Future Science Group company holds copyright, or an exclusive license to publish, users may view, print, copy, download and text and data-mine the content, for the purposes of academic research, subject always to the full conditions of use. Any further use is subject to permission from the relevant Future Science Group company. The conditions of use are not intended to override, should any national law grant further rights to any user.

Conditions of use 

For articles where copyright is held by a Future Science Group company, the following restrictions on use of archived articles apply:

  • Archived content may only be used for academic research or educational purposes.

  • Use must not be for Commercial Purposes

  • Archived content may not be published verbatim in whole or in part, whether or not this is done for Commercial Purposes, either in print or online. This does not apply to quotations where an appropriate citation is used. An exception to this is in the case of copying from one institutional repository to another to which a co-author is affiliated, or to an aggregation service.

  • All use must be fully attributed.  Attribution must take the form of a link – using the article DOI – to the published article on the journal’s website.

  • The authors’ moral right to the integrity of their work must not be compromised by the use.

  • Where content in the document is identified as belonging to a third party, it is the obligation of the user to ensure that any use complies with copyright policies of the owner.