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We thrive on breaking boundaries and working closely with all our authors, partners and clients to deliver solutions that facilitate international conversation and collaboration to truly drive science forward. When you work with FSG, you’re working alongside our skilled teams who deliver engaging journal and digital content, renowned events, high-spec video and animation, and tailored web design, alongside personalized customer service and technical support. All our departments work closely together, meaning that working with FSG is a unique opportunity to develop custom solutions that can span across traditional publishing, digital content and events. Read our event and webinar case studies to learn how you could achieve your marketing goals when powered by FSG.

Case study: FSG and 3D printing in medicine

3D printing is a rapidly growing area of technology, and its use in medicine holds vast potential. We spotted this potential early on in the technology’s development, and have grown our resources for the medical 3D printing community over the past few years to include a dedicated journal, digital hub and much-acclaimed conference. Together, the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, 3DMedNet and 3DMedLIVE provide the community with unrivalled opportunities for learning, conversation, collaboration and – essentially – progressing the field.

2016: 3D printing and its application to medicine was identified as a target breakthrough area for FSG product development. Our digital hub 3DMedNet launched to convene the community, especially focused on bringing clinicians, research scientists and engineers together in one place.

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2017: The launch issue of the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine was published, with Professor Dietmar W Hutmacher (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) as Editor-in-Chief.

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2019: Launch of 3DMedLIVE – a 2-day conference accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons, specifically focused on the application of 3D printing in surgery. As the future of surgery steers towards a demand for personalized approaches to care and customized solutions, 3DMedLIVE keeps the patient at the heart, encouraging dynamic, conversation-led and solution-focused sessions, including case study presentations from the operating surgeons themselves.

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“3DMedLIVE brings together clinicians, it brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, it brings together policy makers. It puts them in a convivial atmosphere where you can begin to talk about how you drive change.” – Richard Kerr, Chair, RCS Commission on the Future of Surgery

“I think this is a really exciting opportunity to begin conversation that actually may have significant impact in the months and years to come between industry, clinicians and scientists. I think it is a fantastic event!” – Lorna Marson, Past-President of the British Transplantation Society

“The team running the event could not have been more helpful and it was clear that they all had a passion for what they were doing. The team actually made the event better through the positive ‘vibe’ that they created. As someone who attends a huge number of conferences, I have not come across this before and the atmosphere that you all created was exceptionally enjoyable to be part of.” – Tim Brown, Surgeon

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Case study: Responsive and flexible webinar production

Webinars are one of the best ways to learn, discuss and network remotely. For participants, webinars offer the chance to learn direct from the experts, as well as ask questions and network with peers across the globe. Plus, webinars are the ideal tool for sharing new products and services, reaching and engaging with target customers, and driving significant lead generation and brand awareness.

At FSG, we have been helping the scientific and medical community connect via webinars for years, from presentation-style webinars to virtual panel discussions. Our dedicated in-house webinar team works with clients to tailor both the webinar itself and the surrounding marketing campaign to ensure all-round success. Webinars are hosted by one of our digital hubs, such as Bioanalysis Zone or RegMedNet, and are viewable both live and on-demand. In these webinar case studies, discover how you could achieve your marketing goals with webinars at FSG.

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Case study client goal
Our client wanted to host an educational webinar on a timely topic for the regenerative medicine community: this needed to be done in a short space of time whilst still driving significant lead generation.

The challenges
Due to the nature of the topic, the client was eager to schedule the webinar whilst it was still timely. The busy schedules of the two speakers meant there was very little flexibility in the potential dates. The client was also concerned that without the standard 4-week marketing/lead time, registrant numbers might be lower.

Our solution

By partnering with RegMedNet, our trusted digital hub for the regenerative medicine community, the client was able to present an engaging live webinar with leading subject matter experts to a global audience of relevant attendees within the specified timeframe.

With a tailor-made marketing campaign from the FSG webinar team, the webinar generated 1100+ leads for the client’s sales team. The tailored registration form enabled the client to collect the information required to validate their leads. Our team also quickly adapted the marketing campaign in line with evolving client requirements, securing the best attendance rates on the day of the event.

To promote this webinar to the regenerative medicine and cell therapy community we:

  • Designed a package of advertising material which the client could also use in their own promotions
  • Developed a comprehensive marketing campaign which included targeted emails to our regenerative medicine contacts, promotion in the weekly RegMedNet eNewsletters and digital adverts on RegMedNet
  • Utilized social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to increase reach and visibility to an extended audience
  • Promoted on our sister site Infectious Diseases Hub and in their eNewsletters
  • Paid promotion on Facebook to drive more registrants
  • Created tracking links so we could easily identify which channels were effectively driving registrants

The speakers were able to present via video in a collaborative format with all presenters being audible and visible at the same time. The format of the event enabled the chosen experts to showcase their expertise and reduced the preparation they were required to do. A host from the RegMedNet team facilitated a Q&A session following the discussion, adding an interactive element to the webinar and enabling presenters to engage with the audience: over 120 questions were submitted during the live event. Plus, the webinar was made available on-demand to maximize leads and ROI.

Comments from our webinar attendees

  • “The session was very well organized, and the topics chosen were interesting and improved my knowledge.”
  • “Learned a lot that I can bring into the lab!”
  • “It was well managed and was very informative.”
  • “I was extremely impressed with the content and format.”

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Case study: Webinar speaker recruitment

Case study client goal

Our client wanted to host an educational webinar that combined an introduction to themselves as technical experts with an engaging case study demonstrating the real-world applicability of the specific technique.

The challenge

The client was concerned that the webinar would come across too advertorial if the webinar only had internal speakers. However, they weren’t able to identify an expert who was available at the time and had the necessary expertise themselves.

Our solution

Screenshot of text explaining the biographies of two speakersBy partnering with Bioanalysis Zone, our longest-established digital hub that convenes the global bioanalysis community, the client benefited from the industry-wide experience of the expert editorial team. They used their network and knowledge of emerging topics to longlist suitable experts with complementary speakers. The client prioritised these potential speakers then FSG handled commissioning, liaison and training of the external speaker.

This ensures an engaging webinar event that allowed the client’s internal expert to introduce the technique before the utility of the technique was confirmed by the external speaker, whilst saving the client time and energy recruiting a supporting speaker.

To create this webinar event, we:

  • Shortlisted potential speakers based on client direction and knowledge of the bioanalysis field to identify a presenter who would compliment the client’s internal speaker
  • Liaised with both speakers to create an engaging and informative slide deck that fit within the specified event time
  • Provided expert training to both speakers to ensure they were confident and comfortable presenting on our interactive webinar platform
  • Highlighted the comprehensive and educational subject of the webinar in all marketing, both on email and social media, to maximize registrants and attendees
  • Provided an experienced editorial host to introduce both speakers and chair the live Q&A portion of the event, directing questions to the relevant speaker and ensuring the client’s internal expert had ample opportunity to share their insights

The results

Comment from our client

“The whole process of recruiting a speaker, selection and communication between the different parties was just excellent. We were very satisfied with the speaker selection and they fit perfectly to our topic. This was on top of the overall great organization of the whole event. Due to this our webinar was a great success and we are looking forward to strengthen the collaboration in the future.”

Isabelle Haake, Digital Marketing Manager, Miltenyi Biotec