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22 May 2019
Future Science OA publishes ‘Early Career Researcher’ special focus issue

Future Science OA (FSOA) would like to take this opportunity to welcome our readers to the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Issue.

The concept of this issue was born from the understanding that the transition from doctoral studies to academic research can be daunting, with many challenges and hurdles in place.

FSOA has a number of initiatives to help support ECRs. It is important for publishers to understand the needs and concerns of ECRs who are set to have a big impact in their field. This special issue includes a range of articles touching on some of the most important topic areas for ECRs including mental health and how it can often be neglected in academia. The issue also features some exciting work led by ECRs.

Guest Editor, Liam Heaney (Loughborough University) comments “I would like to wish all ECRs who are reading this the best of luck for your future and encourage you to stay humble but never give up on your dreams.”

The full issue is available online here: https://www.future-science.com/toc/fso/5/4

About Future Science OA

Launched in March 2015, Future Science OA is a peer-reviewed, open access, biomedicine and biotechnology journal from the Future Science Group. Its articles present the latest research, putting them into context for the future, and are published using a CC-BY license. Alongside research, the journal features review articles, editorials and perspectives, providing readers with a leading source of commentary and analysis.

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