July 03, 2018

Exclusive panel discussions address burning questions in bioanalysis

Bioanalysis Zone presents a rare opportunity to see experts from across the pharmaceutical and CRO industries sharing perspectives on recent issues in the field of bioanalysis.

Bioanalysis Zone is delighted to offer its members unique access to two panel discussions. The panel discussions focus on two current issues facing the bioanalytical field: new technology integration in bioanalytical workflows and the sharing of scientific data. 

The series focusing on new technologies features conversation between Scott Summerfield (GSK), Roger Hayes (MPI Research), Meina Liang (MedImmune), Lina Luo (Pfizer), Ian Moore (Sciex), Afshin Safavi (BioAgilytix) and Dominic Warrino (KCAS). The panelists discuss where the demand for new technologies is coming from, key barriers and the different opportunities for new technologies. 


Chaired by Amanda Wilson (AstraZeneca), the panel discussion on the sharing of scientific data focuses on the best practices with data sharing in the public domain, how to write a manuscript and key advice for a young scientist. The panel comprises leading CRO and pharmaceutical leaders: Melanie Anderson (Merck), Lawrence Goodwin (KCAS), Patrick Liu (Teva pharmaceuticals), Shane Needham (Alturas Analytics) and Jason Wrigley (Merck KGaA).

Naamah Maundrell, Senior Editor of Bioanalysis Zone, commented: “We are delighted to be able to present two panel discussions to the community in what is a rare opportunity for experts from both sides of the industry to have open conversations about current issues. Our hope is that through having these discussions, together we can learn and progress the field of bioanalysis.” 
Bioanalysis Zone would also like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers, as well as the sponsors of this series: BioAgilytix, KCAS, MPI Research, A Charles River Company and Sciex.

The two panel discussions can be viewed on Bioanalysis Zone:

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