Future Science Group launches online nanotechnology knowledge network: The Nanomed Zone

26 February 2020

Future Science Group (FSG) has announced the launch of a new resource, The Nanomed Zone; a new online platform enabling collaboration between all professionals in and related to the field of nanotechnology. Adding to FSG’s portfolio of existing online resources, including Oncology Central and RegMedNet, The Nanomed Zone will be an invaluable resource for the nanomedicine community.

Nanotechnology is revolutionizing many industrial sectors, with advances being made in medicine, security, electronics, environmental science and energy, all with an impact on the state of human health and disease. Nanomedicine now plays a prominent role in aspects of drug delivery and imaging, as well as targeted therapies for many diseases.

The Nanomed Zone will report on these innovative technologies as they evolve, keeping those in the nanomedicine field – and beyond – up to date with all the latest developments.

In addition to covering the latest news, a unique partnership with renowned journal Nanomedicine (Impact Factor: 4.717 [2018]) means that The Nanomed Zone will provide exclusive, complimentary access to journal articles for its users.

Alice Bough, Commissioning Editor for Nanomedicine, commented: “We are excited to be partnering with The Nanomed Zone as it will allow the research we publish to reach a broader spectrum of readers. We’re especially looking forward to working on peek-behind-the-paper features in which authors of manuscripts published in the journal can give exclusive insights into their work.”

The relationship with the journal means that The Nanomed Zone is right at the forefront of cutting-edge medical research in this area. The website will cover many different aspects of the field, such as medical diagnostics and therapeutics as well as reporting on emerging areas of nanotechnology including nanorobotics and electronics, in the form of engaging and informative multimedia content.

Moein Moghimi, Expert Panelist for The Nanomed Zone stated: “Today, especially, when there are so many sources for nanomedicine enthusiasts to choose from, if they want to hear breaking news, if they want to engage and openly speak their mind, then The Nanomed Zone is the obvious choice.”

Lauren Pulling, Publisher at Future Science Group added: “We’re delighted to launch this new resource for the nanomedicine community. This is such an exciting field, and we hope that The Nanomed Zone will further facilitate the conversation and collaboration needed to continue to drive new advances in human health.”

By providing a platform on which to bring together this community, the team behind The Nanomed Zone hope to illuminate advances in the field as they unfold and encourage essential discussions that will help to shape the future of nanotechnology in this exciting era.

Anyone can register to join The Nanomed Zone – readers can register for free, and gain access to all the exclusive content, including journal articles from Nanomedicine. Find out more and register at:  https://www.nanomedzone.com/register/

For further information please contact the Editor, Lucy Chard: [email protected]

About The Nanomed Zone  

The Nanomed Zone is a free platform, which, in partnership with the journal Nanomedicine, aims to report on new technologies and enable the collaboration between all players in the field – from academic and industrial researchers to those investigating clinical applications – under the broad nanotechnology umbrella.

The platform provides access to breakthrough research and insightful, engaging resources including breaking news, peer-reviewed articles, webinars and articles from key opinion leaders.

Coverage includes:

  • Diagnostics: colorimetric biosensing, nanosensors

  • Imaging: CT, florescence, MRI

  • Regenerative medicine: bone regeneration, grafts, organ transplantation

  • Technology: medical devices, robotics and electronics

  • Therapeutics: drug delivery, gene therapy, intrinsically therapeutic nanomedicines, vaccines

  • Toxicology: Safety in vivo, environmental, food science, cosmetics.

Learn more at: www.nanomedzone.com

About Future Science Group 

Founded in 2001, Future Science Group (FSG) is a progressive publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological, and scientific research. FSG’s portfolio includes two imprints, Future Science and Future Medicine. Both publish eBooks and journals. In addition to this core publishing business, FSG develops specialist eCommunities. Key titles and sites include Nanomedicine, Bioanalysis Zone, Biotechniques and the award-winning Regenerative Medicine.

The aim of FSG is to service the advancement of clinical practice and drug research by enhancing the efficiency of communications among clinicians, researchers and decision-makers, and by providing innovative solutions to their information needs. This is achieved through a customer-centric approach, use of new technologies, products that deliver value-for-money and uncompromisingly high standards.

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