December 15, 2017

Future Science Group is pleased to announce the launch of the new peer-reviewed journal Bioelectronics in Medicine.

Bioanalysis, a leading MEDLINE indexed journal for bioanalysts, has just published the 2017 White Papers resulting from the conclusions/consensus of the 11th WRIB meeting held earlier in the year, as well as the interactive Decennial Index of the White Papers in Bioanalysis: ”A Decade of Recommendations (2007–2016)”. The journal is published by Future Science Group.

The journal is an online and print publication bringing together research and opinion from all areas of the rapidly emerging new sector of bioelectronic neural prostheses.


Neural prostheses or neural stimulators are implantable devices that use electrical stimulation of neural tissue to provide therapeutic intervention, sensory feedback or improved motor control following trauma or disease.


Commissioning Editor Sarah Jones commented: ‘We are excited to launch this journal in an innovative field with such scope. Bioelectronics has the potential to revolutionise health care. We look forward to working with experts in the field to provide a go-to resource as bioelectronic medicine research develops.’


The issue is opened by a Foreword from our Editor-in-Chief Professor Robert Shepherd and contains a variety of articles focused on bioelectronic medicine. We have an Editorial from Flavia Vitale and Brian Litt providing an introduction to the field with insights into how bioelectronic medicine is likely to develop and impact upon healthcare. In two further editorials, Ardell et al. discuss neuromodulation with respect to cardiology and Charles Henri Malbert highlights the potential role of vagus nerve stimulation in the treatment of diabetes. An interview with Paul-Peter Tak discusses his pioneering research with vagus nerve stimulation in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and trials of the therapy in rheumatoid arthritis.


Our longer articles section opens with a primary research article from McAllen et al which presents a simple protocol to define stimulus thresholds for vagal A, B and C fibers. We have five review articles including Jared Huston on activating the neural tourniquet or inflammatory reflex via electrical vagus nerve stimulation to treat disease and Bhadra et al discussing reversible conduction block in peripheral nerves.


The full contents list for the first issue as well as articles published ahead of print can be viewed here.


Call for papers


The editorial office is now actively soliciting contributions of original research, reviews and perspective pieces for Bioelectronics in Medicine. The journal team is also always looking to publish shorter pieces to spark the interest of our readers such as Editorials, Opinions, Commentaries, Interviews, Research Highlights, Conference Scenes and Company/Institutional/Organizational Profiles. Unsolicited article proposals are also always welcome, so if you are interested in contributing to the journal, please contact the Commissioning Editor, Sarah Jones at

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