Future Science Group proudly announces a new author name change policy

3 June 2021

Future Science Group (FSG; London, UK), a progressive scientific and medical publisher, is proud to announce it has instigated an author name change policy, enabling authors to anonymously update their names on published work.

Historically, in order to update a name on an already published article, it has been standard practice across the scholarly publishing industry for co-authors to be notified and a correction published. Going forward, these steps will no longer be necessary in any FSG journal.

“There are many reasons why it might be necessary to change a listed author’s name post-publication, whether that be a publication error, to ensure alignment with gender identity, following a change in marital status or something else,” commented Laura Dormer (Editorial Director, FSG). “Whatever the reason for requesting a name change, FSG recognizes that reason may be sensitive and require discretion. As such, we are proud to implement this new author name change policy, which will protect the privacy of the author.”

“Publishing practices need to continue to evolve to ensure that we do not add barriers, preventing scientists from having an accurate publication record owing to privacy concerns,” Dormer continued.

The policy also means that no proof or documentation will be required. Should an author wish to retrospectively change their name, they should contact the Journal Editor. The paper will then be amended and the metadata redelivered to relevant indexing services.

The policy is effective immediate for all FSG’s 34 journals, which are published in the Future Medicine, Future Science and Newlands Press imprints.

The policy can be read in full at https://www.future-science.com/authorguide/editorialpolicies (Future Science/Newlands Press) and https://www.futuremedicine.com/authorguide/editorialpolicies (Future Medicine)

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