Future Science Group publishes its first Plain Language Summary of Publication

5 August 2020
| Written by Future Science Group

Future Science Group publishes its first Plain Language Summary of Publication – a new, open access, peer-reviewed journal article

Recognizing the vital role of patients in medical and scientific research, the Future Science Group (FSG) has today published a new style of article – a Plain Language Summary of Publication, the first of its kind for FSG. The article, published in Future Oncology, provides a summary of a recently published paper and has been written and designed specifically to be read by patient and non-specialist audiences to help them to understand the research presented.

The article entitled ‘ENLIVEN study: pexidartinib for tenosynovial giant cell tumor (TGCT)’, written by Dr William Tap of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, provides a summary of a clinical trial originally published in The Lancet.

Explaining the rationale for publishing this new article type Laura Dormer, Editorial Director, explains:

“With the growing emphasis on the involvement of patients across the whole spectrum of medical research, we are keen to contribute to this initiative. By publishing Plain Language Summary of Publication articles of clinical research as a standalone article type in our journals, we can help patients learn more about the options available to them and make informed decisions on their treatment.”

The full Plain Language Summary of Publication is available free to read at https://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/10.2217/FON-2020-0307

For more information about publishing a Plain Language Summary, contact [email protected]

About Future Science Group

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