Future Science Group’s response to COVID-19

9 April 2020

As a publisher of trusted, leading scientific and clinical research, Future Science Group has made all content relating to COVID-19 free to access in a dedicated content hub, and joined with publishers across the globe to ensure the rapid publication and circulation of new research to support the worldwide effort to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak has rapidly swept the world since first being reported in December 2019, leading to an ever-increasing number of cases and deaths, severe pressure on health services across the globe, and unprecedented restrictions on movement, transport, business and education.

In order to support the global fight against COVID-19, Future Science Group has collated all articles from across its portfolio of journals and digital hubs in a new ‘COVID-19 Hub’, hosted on its eCommunity, Infectious Diseases Hub.

Here, you can discover the latest coronavirus news headlines and daily updates, and also read more in-depth articles on the pandemic collated from across the Future Science Group journals and eCommunities: all content is fully open-access and free to read, and will be updated daily.

Open access articles from the COVID-19 Hub include:

COVID-19: Latest news and case numbers

COVID-19: Updates on vaccines and therapeutics

COVID-19 is opening a door to a new era in drug development

An oncologist’s perspective of COVID-19: “I wish I could hug you”

Drug repurposing strategies for COVID-19

Click here to visit the Covid-19 hub

Many organisations are working together to support global efforts against COVID-19, and Future Science Group is pleased to be working with the STM Association to share journal articles via their resource page, and ScienceOpen via this collection. In addition, we are proud to be a signatory to the Wellcome Trust COVID-19 statement, and have committed to making relevant content freely and immediately accessible. Importantly, the World Health Organization is notified of any relevant research submissions to our journals, and authors are encouraged to make their work immediately available via relevant pre-print servers.

To further aid the dissemination of this important work, all relevant journal content, including back content, is being deposited with PubMed Central (thanks to the efforts of the National Library of Medicine to expand their coverage of COVID-19-relevant content), with articles published in full on PMC under a CC BY 4.0 license to allow maximum re-use, sharing and data-mining.

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