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Industry Awards

Bioanalysis Rising Star


The Bioanalysis Rising Star (formerly the New Investigator Award) is an annual prestigious award recognizing the most promising early-career scientists in the field of bioanalysis. Sponsored by Waters Corporation (MA, USA), our vision is to promote the work of highly talented researchers offering a springboard to help establish themselves in the exciting world of bioanalysis.



Launched in 2014, the Bioanalysis Outstanding Contribution Award (BOSCA) aims to recognize exceptional scientists who have not only contributed in a technical manner, namely advancing bioanalytical processes and our fundamental knowledge in the field, but also helped shape the community through their participation in societies, groups and the organization of conferences.

Future Science Rising Star Award


Each year, we reward early career researchers (those are within the first 5 years of their first career position) who are performing outstanding research that has the potential to advance human healthcare, and having a positive effect in their community. Previously called The Future Science Early Career Research Award, the Future Science Future Star Award runs annually. 

RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence 


The RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence was established in 2017 to recognize the labs that are going above and beyond to cultivate the next generation of talented scientists and regenerative medicine developers. We look for groups that exemplify our mission of educating and inspiring to help move this field forward at an even faster rate.

The BioTechniques Song Parody Award


The BioTechniques Song Parody Award is an annual award that searches out the best science song parody video of the previous year. The Award accepts nominations from videos that have either been produced originally for the Award, or have been published online at any point in the year prior to the award nominations going live. The nominated videos are hosted on the BioTechniques website where visitors can then vote for their favorite parody. The creators of the parody with the most votes are interviewed for a feature that is published on www.biotechniques.com and have the great honor of winning the Award.