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March 01, 2017

Future Science Groups launches online knowledge hub for infectious diseases, the home of medical microbiology

Future Science Group (FSG) has announced the launch of their new resource, Infectious Diseases Hub (ID Hub) – the new home of medical microbiology information. ID Hub, is a new online knowledge hub providing up-to-date, essential research and information on key aspects of virology and microbiology, from bench to bedside.


Microbiology has inevitably been impacted by the genomic revolution, and virology and genomic research have been closely linked for many years. It is now possible to determine viral–host interactions during infection in an unprecedented level of detail, providing a complete catalogue of potential antiviral targets for investigation. ID Hub aims to keep up with all these new findings, making this resource key in helping to advance the field together.


ID Hub will provide free access to breaking news, peer-reviewed content from FSG’s journals Future Microbiology (2015 Impact Factor 3.637 and MEDLINE-indexed) and Future Virology (2015 Impact Factor 0.886), interviews and exclusive comment from KOLs. Additionally, ID Hub delivers easily-digestible multimedia content, stunning infographics and a unique disease tracker, which allows you to follow disease burden and ongoing research in key emerging areas such as Zika, MERS-CoV and chikungunya in an interactive manner.


Martha Powell, Editor of ID Hub, said: “Research into infectious diseases is continually evolving with new and emerging infections; moreover, it holds the potential to directly impact the lives of many around the world.


“We hope that ID Hub will serve as a first point of call for members to stay up to date with essential research and information on key aspects of virology and microbiology, from basic research to clinical and public health investigations,” she continued.


To register for free access, go to https://www.id-hub.com/register/


For further information, please contact the editor, Martha Powell: m.powell@id-hub.com






About Infectious Diseases Hub


Infectious Diseases Hub aims to provide up-to-date, essential research and information on all aspects of virology and microbiology, from bench to bedside.


ID Hub aims to deliver the news, peer-reviewed articles, interviews and exclusive comment from KOLs on the areas that interest you, as well as providing easily-digestible multi-media content and a disease tracker to allow you to follow the latest disease outbreaks and related research.


Coverage includes:

  • The molecular basis of microbial and viral diseases

  • Microbe–host and virus–host interactions

  • Overviews highlighting optimal therapeutic and diagnostic approaches, along with potential future options

  • The use of microbes in the treatment of disease and genetic engineering

  • The use of viral vectors in gene therapy and functional genomics

  • Summaries evaluating newly approved antimicrobial and antiviral agents

  • Vaccine development and the prevention of viral diseases

  • Adverse events and drug safety

  • Pharmacoeconomics and cost–benefit issues

  • New and re-emerging microbes and viruses

  • DNA microarrays for the identification of new viruses

  • Microbial genome research, and the implications to higher organisms

  • Microbes and cancer

  • Epidemiologic studies and trends

  • The problem of drug resistance, and potential methods to overcome this

  • Defense against use in bioterrorism.

Learn more at: www.id-hub.com.



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