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16 May 2019
Future Science Group launches inaugural event, 3DMedLIVE

Future Science Group announces inaugural event, 3DMedLIVE, hosted by eCommunity 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.

Future Science Group (FSG), a scientific publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research, has announced the launch of 3DMedLIVE; a 2-day conference hosted by FSG’s eCommunity 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine to take place in London (UK) on 2–3 October 2019.

Following the launch of 3DMedNet in 2016 and in response to the need to take the use of 3D printing in surgical practice to the next level, 3DMedLIVE will convene all members of the community who, together, can elevate surgical 3D printing to make it an everyday reality across healthcare.

3D printing is already present in surgical planning, patient-specific implants and patient consent in several hospitals across the world. However, it is not yet an accessible technology for all, and there remain many questions over regulation, implementation, and funding, among others. 3DMedLIVE will be an opportunity for these questions to be discussed and for case studies to be shared: the event will bring together surgeons, radiologists, biomedical engineers, 3D printing technicians, medical modellers, and healthcare professionals, with regulators, engineers, start-ups and suppliers.

Over 2 days, delegates will hear case studies directly from pioneering surgeons and researchers who are already utilizing 3D printing technologies in their practice, plus panel discussions and roundtables with regulators, manufacturers and funders. The tone of the conference will be dynamic, conversation-led and solution-focused, with the patient at the heart.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Understanding this growing area of personalized medicine, part of the NHS 2020 vision

  • Innovations, techniques and applications of 3D printing

  • Benefits for surgical training and patient consent

  • Understanding the process of patient-specific surgical models and implants

  • Understanding the regulatory landscape for customized medical devices, and how the 2020 regulations will change this

  • Reducing costs and improving outcomes

  • Which route: outsource, in-house service provider or build your own 3D printing lab?

  • Doctorpreneurs: how to get your idea to an MVP and fund your start-up

As well as providing a platform for the presentation and discussion of scientific ideas, offering the opportunity to connect with other innovators is core to the mission of 3DMedLIVE. In line with the ethos of its host 3DMedNet, communication and collaboration are key, so there will also be plenty of opportunities to network and meet new contacts, not least at the 3DMedLIVE Cocktail Party on the evening of 2 October.

Georgi Makin, Editor of 3DMedNet, said: “3DMedLIVE is a unique event, bringing together surgeons, regulators, engineers and funders to take 3D printing in surgery to the next level. It is solution-focused, providing a platform to accelerate the clinical use of technology to improve patient outcomes – it’s an event that we’re very excited to be hosting.”

Phil Garner, Managing Director at FSG, added: “At FSG, our products have evolved over time, but our overarching mission remains constant: to publish and curate robust, trustworthy content, and unite communities to advance science and medicine. Given this, we’re thrilled to take the next step into organizing conferences – the first of which is 3DMedLIVE – so we can do in person what we have been doing in print and online for decades.”

For more information and delegate registration, visit www.3dmedlive.com or contact info@3dmedlive.com

For more information on how to partner with 3DMedLIVE, contact Business Development Director, Sarah Mayes, via email at s.mayes@future-science-group.com

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