Meet the winners of the 2020 Capturing Cancer Oncology Central Photography Competition

19 February 2020

Louisiane Perrin and Anita Singh have been announced as winners of the 2020 Oncology Central Capturing Cancer Photography Competition.

Future Science Group (FSG) today announced the winners of the 2020 Capturing Cancer: Oncology Central Photography Competition. Louisiane Perrin (Gligorijevic Laboratory at the Bioengineering Department of Temple University, PA, USA) and Anita Singh (University of Leicester, UK) were chosen as the winners by an expert judging panel and a public vote, respectively.

​The Capturing Cancer Photography Competition was created to provide an opportunity for all cancer researchers and clinicians to share their work using imagery; from images that can only be observed with the aid of a microscope to photos demonstrating key themes in clinical oncology.

​Perrin won the judges vote for her image entitled ‘Cancer cells chatting’, which embodies her work investigating the collagen matrix that surrounds cancer cells and the way in which cancer cells communicate amongst each other.

Singh won the publics vote for her photo entitled ‘Cause or consequence of centrosome amplification’. Singh is currently researching how mitotic defects increase genomic instability. Her photo depicts three daughter cells in the telophase stage with multiple centrosomes, which are a result of centrosome amplification during mitosis. The presence of more than two centrosomes is a common feature in cancer.

Singh and Perrin will both receive a monetary prize and open access discounts for the next paper they publish in one of FSG’s oncology journals, such as Future Oncology.

Jade Parker, Senior Editor of Oncology Central, commented: “It has been an absolute joy to run the Capturing Cancer competition for a second year – once again we have been taken aback by the stunning images submitted from oncologists from around the world, providing a snapshot of the immense work going into tackling cancer.”

View all the finalists here.


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