Philanthropy and not-for-profit projects

FSG is much more than just a publishing house. At our heart is a team of people passionate about what we do and about the world around us; a passion that is fed into a number of philanthropic and not-for-profit initiatives founded by our Chairman, James Drake, and headquartered in the same London offices as FSG.

These charities and not-for-profits span science, sport, music and the arts. Each venture gives back to society – whether through granting scholarships, supporting young musicians, or funding scientific research – and each brings something special, rewarding and unique to life at FSG.


The Drake Foundation

The Drake Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to understanding and improving the health and welfare of sports players through scientific research and collaboration. Launched in 2014, we have already invested over £2 million into research funding and open access resources that span sport, science and society. Across our projects and events, we work with key organizations including the Premier League, the RFU, the FA, FIFPRO and the PFA, and institutions such as UCL, the University of Birmingham and Imperial College London.

Much of our work to-date has centred on concussion and head injuries in sport; knowledge that we believe will serve not only to improve sports safety but also provide valuable insight into the processes underlying neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia.

In 2019, we expanded our research portfolio and activities beyond head injuries to support the investigation of the long-term effects of playing and retiring from professional sport on physical and mental health. With the launch of a first-of-its-kind study into these long-term effects in 2019, we hope to support players throughout their careers and retirement, and to apply learnings from the study to wider population health.

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Drake Calleja Trust

The Drake Calleja Trust is a charity that financially and artistically supports talented young classical musicians studying in the UK. With the support of our Patron, renowned tenor Joseph Calleja, we award scholarships annually, as well as providing regular performance opportunities in acclaimed venues across London.

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Drake YolanDa Award

Part of the Drake Calleja Trust, The Drake YolanDa Award was created by James Drake and renowned saxophonist and presenter YolanDa Brown to support emerging artists across the UK on their musical journey.

We award grants to artists who express a commitment to their careers, demonstrate creative excellence and a drive to succeed. The award is intended to further recipients’ artistic practice, encourage career sustainability, and best equip them to make their own artistic choices.

During the award process, we love to hear from the artists in person: shortlisted applicants have an opportunity to speak about their projects, as well as perform their music live to an expert panel.

The Drake YolanDa Award is provided by the Drake Calleja Trust.

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FSG Arts

FSG Arts encompasses our philanthropic projects in art. Across these collaborative research projects, we work with international museums and estates: current projects include a Catalogue Raisonné of Paul Troubetzkoy (1886–1938), the Russian prince and celebrated bronze sculptor, to be published in collaboration with the Paesaggio Museum in Verbania.

Troubetzkoy Archive Project

The Troubetzkoy Archive Project (TAP) aims to create an online central database and Catalogue Raisonnée for the impressionist sculptor Prince Paul Troubetzkoy. This will be supplemented with information from major private and public collections and the riches of John Grioni’s Archive, the expert who had made the study of Troubetzkoy his life’s work. Guided by leading world experts on the artist and his genre, TAP aspires to build a permanent resource for the future study and appreciation of the works of Prince Paul Troubetzkoy.

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Of Lost Time

Of Lost Time is the literary unit of Future Science Group. The team works on an average of two non-fiction research projects per year, which culminate in published books and/or online archives. An upcoming title is ‘Letters on Sport’ (due 2021), an illustrated anthology of the greatest letters from sporting history. It includes the personal correspondence of famous athletes, as they reflect on their achievements and supporters, or express admiration for team-mates and rivals. Alongside these are the words of world leaders, popes, authors and scientists, writing in newspapers, medical journals, and passing on secret memos. The writers shine a light on the triumphs and controversies of rugby, football, swimming, surfing, golf, tennis, boxing, pedestrianism, athletics and the martial arts, to name a few.

A past project is ‘Enrico Caruso: By Himself’; a biography of the life of the Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso (1873–1921), drawn from a new archive of letters, postcards and ephemera, translated into English for the first time. The biography offers a new insight into the life of one of the first major celebrities of the 20th century, who became one of the first musical artists to sell over a million records in the 1910s.

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