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Publishing Solutions

Advancing clinical practice and drug research by enhancing communication

Launched in 2010, Publishing Solutions is the in-house publication planning support service for Future Science Group journals. With a flexible and collaborative approach, our aim is to help you meet your objectives before, during and after publication.

Our unique editorial model, with an in-house, London-based editorial team, means there is a specialist point of contact available at all times. This makes it easy for you to reach an expert in your field, understand the potential of your research, and work towards achieving your objectives.

For more information, view the videos below:

Overview of Services



All Future Science Group journals welcome unsolicited articles. We encourage pre-submission enquiries, to ensure your research is the best fit for your journal, and the journal is the best fit for you! Standard publication in our journals that aren’t fully open access is free of charge and when making a pre-submission enquiry, the Editor will discuss all options available for the article, including our paid for accelerated publication and open access options.



We understand that timing is essential when it comes to publishing your article. All our journals offer an accelerated publication option, providing online publication within 6 weeks of submission. For more information visit our 'acceleration publication' section.



Various options are available to authors to ensure readers have access to your research. For more information visit our 'open access' section.



All articles can be enhanced to make your article more engaging for the reader. Options include adding a graphical abstract, infographic, video abstract or video journal submission. Articles are also shared via social media, and can be featured on one of our relevant knowledge hubs. For more information visit https://www.futuremedicine.com/authorguide/makingthemost



We offer a number of options tailored to your communication needs to ensure you reach the right audience. These can be associated with a journal, for instance via publication of a supplement or interview with a leading KOL, unique to one of our knowledge hubs, through featuring a video or undertaking a webinar, or custom-made, such as a microsite or standalone publication. Please contact me in the first instance to discuss your communication needs.

For more information or to discuss any of these options please contact:

Joanne Walker (j.walker@future-science-group.com)

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