January 27, 2017

RegMedNet interview with Masayo Takahashi highlights importance of iPSC therapies

RegMedNet, the network that unites all members of the diverse regenerative medicine community, spoke to Dr Takahashi about the world’s first human iPSC trial.


RegMedNet today published an exclusive interview with Masayo Takahashi, Project Leader for Laboratory for Retinal Regeneration, RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (Kobe, Japan), as part of their spotlight on iPSC production. Dr Takahashi was the lead researcher in the first human trial for iPSCs, which was cancelled in 2015 due in part to safety concerns: in the interview she discusses the difficulties in producing stable iPSCs and the potential of iPSC therapy.


“I think [the future for iPSC therapy] is very promising,” explained Dr Takahashi. “Without a doubt, regenerative medicine will become a big field in the future.”


“iPSCs are a rapidly developing field and Dr Takahashi’s work demonstrates that there are clear applications for this research,” commented Freya Leask, RegMedNet Editor and Community Manager. “However, it also illustrates that further study is required in order to maximize the therapeutic potential of iPSCs and ensure the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicines in general.”


The RegMedNed spotlight on iPSCs is a 2-month feature that will focus on the challenges in their production that have hampered attempts to bring related therapies to clinic. The spotlight features exclusive interviews with leaders in the field, plus free peer-reviewed articles from Future Science Group titles Future Oncology, Epigenomics and Regenerative Medicine. It also includes a survey, the results of which will be discussed by an expert panel at the end of the spotlight, that will be free to watch and available on-demand afterwards.


Read the interview here:






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