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31 May 2019
An interview with Claude Bertrand – ‘Servier in Oncology: bringing innovation to patients’

Future Science Group (FSG) has today announced the publication of an interview article with Claude P Bertrand, Executive Vice President of Research and Development, and Chief Scientific Officer for Servier in France in the journal Future Oncology. 

In the interview, Dr Bertrand discusses the rapidly growing pipeline of Servier – one of the rising industry players in the field of oncology. Throughout the course of the interview Dr Bertrand explains why he joined Servier in 2017 and how Servier places the patient needs at the center of its action. He also shares his thoughts on how research practices will change in oncology in the next 10 years.  

The interview explores Servier’s recent acquisition of Shire Oncology and what this move brings to Servier research in terms of the pipeline, as well as the upcoming drug development pipeline of Servier – touching on allogeneic CAR-T cell therapies, an MCL1 inhibitor and an intravenous BCL-2 inhibitor.

Dr Bertrand also discusses the investment Servier is making with the creation of a new research center in Saclay, France that will home around 600 scientists dedicated to R&D in oncology and other key therapy areas.

“With our research centre in Saclay, we will be able to intensify our open innovation strategy to develop ever more innovative research projects, especially in oncology. As a research-driven company investing in therapeutic areas of high unmet medical need, Servier initiated a major shift in making oncology one of its strategic priorities. Our ambition is to succeed in oncology as we succeed worldwide in cardiology. To reach this objective, half of Servier’s R&D budget, within the next two years, will be dedicated to oncology to develop innovative therapeutic solutions for patients,” said Olivier Laureau, President of Servier.

Roshaine Wijayatunga, Senior Editor: Oncology, and Commissioning Editor of Future Oncology commented, ‘Interviews in Future Oncology offer a great insight into an individual working within the field of oncology research, and this article is no different. Learning more about the impact that Claude Bertrand has had in various therapeutic areas within the pharmaceutical industry and the exciting developments taking place at Servier within oncology makes for an interesting and informative read!’

Read more HERE. 

About Future Oncology

Future Oncology is a MEDLINE-indexed journal, having been accepted onto PubMed at its first application, and now has an impact factor of 2.369. The journal provides the clinical and scientific community with information that is authoritative, cutting-edge and relevant. At Future Medicine Ltd, we are keen to ensure that our coverage of developments and changes in clinical medicine in the 'post-genomic' era meets the needs of the research community. To this end we have established this journal, published 36-times per year, to adopt a forward-looking perspective on the scientific, clinical, economic and policy issues confronting us in modern healthcare in oncology.

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