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July 12, 2017

Should we retire the term ‘concussion’?
Neuro Central and The Drake Foundation announce live streamed debate

Neuro Central and The Drake Foundation announce the live-streaming of a debate –‘Should we retire the term concussion?’ – from the inaugural Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury conference in London, UK, 14 July 2017.


Online knowledge hub Neuro Central and not-for-profit The Drake Foundation are supporting the inaugural Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) conference, taking place at Imperial College London (London, UK, 13–14 July 2017). As part of their joint coverage of the event, Neuro Central and The Drake Foundation today announce that they will live-stream a debate on day two of the conference, entitled ‘Should we retire the term concussion?’.


The 2-day conference will bring together clinicians and scientists to discuss the latest research in TBI, including invited talks and interactive debates by world-leading TBI researchers, covering military, sporting, pediatrics, neurodegeneration, neuropsychiatry, psychology and injury modeling.


Neuro Central and The Drake Foundation – both partners of the event – will cover the conference on their respective social media channels, in addition to Neuro Central video interviews with speakers and live streaming the debate on 14 July 2017. The interactive debate will feature speakers David Sharp (Imperial College London) and Lee Goldstein (Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center, MA, USA), and will be hosted by event co-organizers Lucia Li and Peter Jenkins (both Imperial College London).


“‘Concussion’ is a term that is very widely used, and it’s applied to a whole range of head injuries – from a sportsperson who is knocked out during a match, to the person who bangs their head in a fall and gets lots of symptoms afterwards,” said Li. “This debate is about whether ‘concussion’ is a useful word to use – whether it helps diagnosis and guide treatment, or whether it muddies the water because it is applied to too many situations. Lee and David are fantastic speakers who will bring this topic to life as they each try to persuade you of their point of view: join us, ask questions and vote!”


Lauren Pulling, Editor of Neuro Central, added: “We are excited to cover such a topical debate on Neuro Central, and look forward to sharing the live debate with our audience. The subject of concussion – and particularly whether it remains a relevant term – has become ever more pressing in recent years, so we look forward to a lively debate and a series of interesting talks throughout the conference.”


The debate will be streamed on the official Neuro Central YouTube account, which you can subscribe to here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCZozEkYdcYTbNohzaM1lrig


To keep up-to-date with the latest news from Frontiers in TBI, watch exclusive interviews with speakers, and to find further instructions on how to watch the debate live steam, follow @Neuro_Central and @DF_concussion on Twitter, and sign up to Neuro Central at www.neuro-central.com


To vote and submit questions during the debate itself, visit www.sli.do and enter the event code #FiTBI2017. You can also follow the event hashtag on Twitter, #FiTBI






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About The Drake Foundation


The Drake Foundation is a not for profit organisation committed to improving evidence-based measures for the understanding of concussion injuries in sport, based on scientific research and insight. Our partnership approach brings together sporting and academic thought leaders to devise research which will ultimately improve sport safety. Our primary objective is to further the evidence base behind sporting guidelines, so that any potential risk to participants can be reduced through improved safety measures and awareness. Find out more at www.drakefoundation.org or by following @DF_concussion on Twitter.



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