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August 23, 2017

Special Focus Issue of Bioanalysis explores Bioanalytical Outsourcing Strategies

Bioanalysis, a leading MEDLINE indexed journal for bioanalysts, has published a Special Focus Issue on ‘Outsourcing Strategies in Bioanalysis’


As the bioanalytical field continues to evolve with the development of more complex molecules and the demand to outsource work continues to increase, models and trends in outsourcing are also evolving. The issue, published by Future Science Group, explores these aspects from multiple viewpoints in the industry.


Neil Spooner (Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions, UK), one of the Guest Editors of the Special Focus Issue commented, “This Special Focus Issue of Bioanalysis brings together a number of articles from key opinion leaders actively involved in the process of outsourcing quantitative bioanalytical work. The manuscripts provide a unique insight into the important and rapidly evolving aspect of drug discovery and development and highlights what is required for the process to be performed successfully.”


Stephanie Cape (Covance, USA) and Scott Summerfield (GlaxoSmithKline, UK) who also Guest edited the issue added, “One thing is certain, the nature of outsourcing is changing rapidly and in 5–10 years time, bioanalysis will be unrecognizable to current proponents.“


Earlier in the year, Bioanalysis Zone (the journal’s sister website) featured a Spotlight on ‘Future Trends in Outsourcing’ covering some of the current trends in the outsourcing industry and also looking at how it may change over the next decade, trying to understand what this will mean for bioanalytical laboratories in Pharma, CROs and various other companies. You can view the Spotlight here.


“I am delighted to have worked on this timely Special Focus Issue of Bioanalysis, which approaches bioanalytical outsourcing strategies from multiple angles, collating the experiences of various experts in the industry” stated Sankeetha Nadarajah, Editor of Bioanalysis.


To read the full issue, please click here






About Bioanalysis


Bioanalysis is a MEDLINE-indexed journal covering the latest scientific, technical and regulatory developments relevant to those working on the analysis of xenobiotics and biotics in biological matrices. This is, primarily, bioanalysts working in pharmaceutical research and development, clinical laboratories, clinical toxicologists, forensic toxicologists and sports doping analysts.



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Since launching in 2011, Bioanalysis Zone has attracted over 7,500 active members from the global bioanalytical community, representing the pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO industries, along with academia and healthcare. Each month, thousands of members visit the site to read industry news, original research exclusive interviews and commentaries. Membership is completely free of charge. Sign up online at: http://www.bioanalysis-zone.com/register.



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