Who we are

Founded in 2001 by entrepreneur and philanthropist James Drake, Future Science Group is a scientific publisher focused on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research. From our small beginnings to our evolution into a leading global publisher of journals, eBooks, digital hubs and events, the nature of FSG has remained constant: we are independent, future-focused, and passionate about the sharing of scientific ideas.

By covering breakthrough areas from early in their development, we provide a focal point around which communities can convene. While we started life as journal publishers, over more recent years we have also launched digital hubs, events, and creative and publishing services. Our digital hubs bring together news, video, webinars and other engaging content to provide a complete online resource for researchers and practitioners, and are all closely partnered with their corresponding long-established scholarly journals. In 2019 FSG launched Future Science Events and its first live event brand – 3DMedLIVE – so we can do in person what we have been doing in print and online for decades; providing a platform for scientific discussion and innovation.

Despite our growth and positioning as a leading progressive publisher, FSG very much retains the spirit of an independent publisher: we are future-focused, dedicated to our customers, and have a passion for advancing scientific research and clinical practice. Whether through the publishing of journals and digital hubs, the development of new channels for scientific communication, or curating specialized events, the mission underlying all our work is to convene communities and support translation, collaboration and innovation.

This spirit is evident not only in our products and services, but also in every one of our dedicated staff. The people are what make a place, and FSG is no exception. From our customer-centric approach, to our dedication to philanthropic initiatives, to our globally recognized industry awards and events, our passion for what we do and for our business is apparent in all parts of FSG life.

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