What we do

Future Science Group (FSG) is a progressive scientific publisher, curating trusted online, print and in-person resources to serve the scientific and medical communities. Although our foundation is in cutting-edge, peer-reviewed scientific journals, we have expanded over the years to publish digital/virtual hubs and run events, as well as creative services and publishing solutions.

From our journals including BioTechniques, Nanomedicine, Future Oncology and Regenerative Medicine, to our digital hubs such as Bioanalysis Zone and RegMedNet, to our events, all of our products and services are underpinned by our mission to convene scientific communities and support translation, collaboration and innovation.

This mission translates across the whole of FSG, meaning that when you work with us, you benefit from the expertise of the entire FSG family. All our teams are based in our London offices, where our open-plan office and open-minded nature mean that interdepartmental collaboration is constant and innovation is rife.

Our readers, authors and partners are at the center of everything we do: all our products, services and processes are designed to support you, delivering uncompromisingly high standards and unrivalled customer service.

There are no limits on what we can do: take a look at a snapshot of our products and services below, or read case studies of how our products complement each other to comprehensively support scientific communities.




FSG started life as a publisher of scientific journals, and this remains a core part of our identity. Our journals provide clinicians, researchers and patients worldwide with a trusted source of objective, cutting-edge information on the most exciting emerging trends in their fields. As well as journals, we also publish a collection of over 200 eBooks, covering a wealth of scientific and medical disciplines.

Our journals are housed on two websites: Future Medicine, which comprises the journals covering clinical and translational medicine and the biosciences, and Future Science, which comprises the journals that focus on applied science and intellectual property issues in R&D. Our titles include BioTechniques, Future Oncology, Nanomedicine, Bioanalysis and Regenerative Medicine.

Recognizing the importance of making scientific literature understandable for all audiences, we have a number of publishing options to help authors explain their research in a way that can be understood by non-specialist readers, such as patients and their carers as well as non-specialist clinicians including general practitioners and nurses. Authors can complement their article with bitesize content such as graphical abstracts, videos and infographics. All our journals offer authors the opportunity to publish a lay abstract alongside their article, providing an overview of the article written with any technical jargon removed. We are also the first publisher to publish plain language summaries of publications as standalone article in our journals.

As well as providing trusted research articles, expert reviews and commentary in print and online, many of our journals are also partnered with one of our digital hubs, providing readers with a comprehensive resource for staying up to date in their field of interest. Authors who publish with us also have the benefit of our digital content, publishing solutions and events expertise to ensure their article reaches the widest possible audience and drives discussion and progress.

Key figures

  • We publish 34 journals, 15 of which are open access, with the rest operating on a hybrid model
  • Our journal articles receive over 5 million annual downloads
  • To date, our journals house over 50,000 published articles
  • Across our portfolio, our journals are led and advised by around 1000 Editorial Board members from across the scientific and medical disciplines

Work with us

  • Find out more about the Future Medicine journals and eBooks at futuremedicine.com
  • Find out more about the Future Science journals and eBooks at future-science.com
  • If you have any queries about our journals or eBooks, or our Read & Publish offer, contact Laura Dormer, Editorial Director, [email protected]

Our brands

Digital hubs


Our digital hubs started life as complementary eCommunities to pair with our journals, and while there is certainly still a close bond between journal and hub, our digital hubs now represent a cornerstone of FSG in their own right.

Each hub focuses on a specific area of science or medicine – for example, bioanalysis, regenerative medicine or oncology – and serves to keep all stakeholders in the field up to date with all the latest news, key opinions, panel discussions, videos and more. Where our journals provide our readers with in-depth research articles, case studies, reviews and commentaries, our digitals hubs provide up-to-the minute live reporting on breaking news, topical debates, and peeks behind the paper, to jointly provide our readers with an up-to-date, rounded perspective of their given field. Plus, all our hubs also provide opportunity for discussion and collaboration, further supporting scientific progression and learning.

Key figures

  • Launched in 2014, the Digital Team at FSG now boasts 9 digital hubs, as well as a video journal, the Video Journal of Biomedicine
  • Our hubs span bioanalysis, lab methods/protocols, oncology, 3D printing in medicine, regenerative medicine, real-world evidence, nanomedicine, neuroscience and neurology
  • Over 100,000 registered members
  • Over 400,000 monthly page views

Work with us

  • Find out more about each of our digital hubs by clicking on the logos below, or contact us at [email protected]
  • Want to contribute to one of our digital hubs? Contact the relevant Editor by clicking on the relevant site’s logo below
  • Want to partner with us to promote your product or service? Contact our Sponsorship and Advertising team at [email protected]

Our brands


Our mission has always been to publish and curate robust, trustworthy content, and unite communities to advance science and medicine. Given this, we were excited to launch a new wing of Future Science Group, Future Science Events (FSE). As with all our products, the purpose of our events is to serve the scientific community with meaningful and outcome-led discussions, which support and enhance the progression of their respective fields.

Our first event, 3DMedLIVE, took place in October 2019. 3DMedLIVE is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England and has been met with acclaim from the 3D printing community. The event focuses on surgical applications of 3D printing, uniquely bringing together the community of surgeons, technicians, manufacturers, regulators and more, to share case stories and practical expertise in order to help drive this field forward. Powered by FSE, 3DMedLIVE is hosted by the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine and our digital hub 3DMedNet.

As our event portfolio grows to cover new areas of science and medicine, including real-world evidence, innovative therapies and rare diseases, our mission remains constant: we create unique, conversation-led events that bring together all the stakeholders in a niche, growing area that has the potential to have real impact on human health and disease.

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Our brands

Publishing Solutions

Publishing Solutions is the creative arm of FSG, building comprehensive, collaborative communication plans around published content and scientific information. By providing a range of platforms and solutions, we enable timely and accessible publication that enriches the information presented, engages the reader and reaches a broad scientific and medical professional audience.

Simplifying the publishing process

By working alongside the Digital, Graphics, Journal and Video departments within FSG, the Publishing Solutions team provides medical publication and communication planners with a range of publishing options. Whether it’s publishing an article in one of our MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journals or featuring a piece of content on a digital hub, we are on hand to help identify the most relevant platform within our portfolio and ensure you are aware of all options offered, including open access and accelerated publication, from the outset.

Enriching content
We offer a number of services to help augment content, such as video abstracts and infographics, providing readers with take-home summaries of the information presented. With an in-house team of Graphic Designers and Video Editors, we will work collaboratively with your own design teams or directly with you to create engaging visual and digital enhancements.

Ensuring content will reach the right audience
At FSG we understand that reaching your target audience is key. We offer a number of proactive solutions to help readers discover, read and discuss your content. Leveraging several technologies, including sponsored access, social media sharing and content recommendation engines as well as our own community knowledge network and content hubs, we can help identify the most compliant options for your content.

Providing opportunities for engagement with colleagues and peers
We recognize that medical practice and research stems from a foundation of scientific exchange and discussion. We can help continue the conversation around your content by offering options such as presentation via a webinar, interaction on a professional-only network and creation of a dedicated community website for expertise, learning and dialogue.

Work with us

  • Download our Publication Solutions catalogue here
  • Contact us to find out more: Joanne Walker, Head of Publishing Solutions, [email protected]

Plain Language Summaries

FSG recognises the importance of making relevant scientific literature understandable for patients to help improve patient-physician communication and empower patients in decision-making about their care. We have several options to help authors explain their research in a way that can be understood by non-specialist audiences, such as featuring lay abstracts in our journals and publishing plain language summaries alongside articles.

We are also the first publisher to publish plain language summaries as standalone articles. Plain Language Summaries of Publications (PLSP) are visually enriched articles that provide a summary of a key publication, or collection of related clinical studies. All PLSP are peer-reviewed and can summarize any article, even those published in journals from other publishers. By publishing PLSP as standalone article, each article is assigned its own DOI, meaning it is fully citable, indexed on relevant databases and, importantly, discoverable.

Being able to summarise technical content for a lay audience is an increasingly important skill. Using our experienced editors, we can provide a full creation service for PLSP, including summarising the content, writing in lay language, and developing graphics/visuals to support the content.

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